The World Customs Organization Proudly Presents:
The Global Travel Assessment System
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What is GTAS?

The Global Travel Assessment System (GTAS) is a web application for improving border security. It enables government agencies to automate the identification of high-risk air travelers in advance of their intended travel.

API/PNR Made Easy

The Global Travel Assessment System (GTAS) is a comprehensive API/PNR System with a rich feature set and a track record for success.


It's free, and it is developed for efficiency to reduce hardware costs. No paid licenses are required. Most countries can deploy GTAS on the computing power of a modern laptop.

No Risk

There is no risk to try out GTAS, or deploy it on your own. End-to-end support through the WCO is free.

Shorter Security Lines

Automated pre-arrival/departure screening means shorter waiting times for passengers in the airport.


GTAS is intended to be deployed behind a host country's firewall on their own intranet. GTAS is tested for security using the latest threat analysis tools.

Deploy Quickly

The entire GTAS application has been Docker-ized for quick and easy deployment. It uses Kubernetes for production deployments in any environment--cloud or on premises.

Open Source

All of the human-readable source code is available on GitHub. It offers complete transparency into how the application works, so you can be confident that your data is secure.


GTAS has been deployed on Amazon Web Services to offer an optimal blend of reliability, flexibility, and cost.

Latest Technology

GTAS uses a completely modern technology stack and is built on a proven model. A team of developers continues to support GTAS.


Key features of the GTAS Application

Flights Grid
Key Application View
Priority Vetting List
Key Application View
Passenger Details View
Key Application View
Link Analysis
Analysis Tools
Cooperate with Partner Agencies
Share Intel in the spirit of UNSCR 2178
Instant UN, ICAO, & WCO Compliance
View the API/PNR usage mandates

Where is GTAS Deployed?

The Global Travel Assessment System is in production in the following countries to make the world a safer place.

The GTAS Project Partnership

The organizations that made GTAS possible

World Customs Organization
Security Programme

GTAS Project Leadership

Customs and Border Protection

GTAS Technical Team

World Customs Organization
Member States

Support is available to all member states

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